Resuming Air Traffic: Which Countries Allow Ukrainians


Currently, EU airports only allow passengers visas

Flight resumption: Which countries let the Ukrainians go. Photo:

From Monday, June 15, Ukraine resumes regular flights abroad. Despite this, part of the flights were canceled, and some carriers have so far stopped selling tickets, reports TSN.

Why is it not worth planning a holiday abroad:

  1. European borders remain closed for tourists At least until the end of June. There is a possibility that from 1 July the entry of Ukrainians into EU countries without visas will also be limited.
  2. If the ticket has already been purchased and the limits are closed, there is a risk of losing money. Airlines now follow a strict rule: if a visa is required for the airport, and thus now requires EU countries, the carrier does not have the right to allow passengers without it, because it receives a fine Can do. At the same time, airlines should not refund money to passengers who do not comply with the visa requirements, as the flight operates, it has not been canceled. Changing requirements is a passenger problem.
  3. Upon arrival, passengers can be quarantined. Or mandatory testing for the presence of COVID-19. For example, in Greece, 7-day quarantine is mandatory even after negative test results. According to TSN, all additional expenses are paid by the tourist.

If you decide to fly:

  1. You need to make sure that everyone you travel with is healthy, and everything is in order with the documents. Only passengers and employees will be able to go to the airport (they will not be allowed to travel without tickets). And only after the temperature probe.
  2. Everyone at the airport must wear protective masks that need to be stocked for the duration of the trip. It is also better to bring gloves and a sanitizer to a hundred milliliters.
  3. Social distance must be respected. Registration must be mobile, and boarding must be contactless. It is also advisable to fill an information form from the airline regarding your health status in advance at home.
  4. Be prepared that you will be asked to keep the items in your luggage. And duty free, most likely, will not work at airports or on board aircraft. However, carriers promise to provide drinking water to passengers.

Which countries allow Ukrainians:

  • Albania, United States – No border restrictions
  • UK – 14-day quarantine
  • Turkey – No border restrictions and tests on arrival

On 27 June, Tunisia will open borders for Ukrainians with tests on arrival, and after the epidemic situation in Ukraine improves, the government will consider the possibility of opening air contacts with Cyprus, Montenegro, Georgia and Greece.

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Earlier, we wrote that in an extraordinary meeting on 12 June, the government decided to resume operations of checkpoints and control points at Ukrainian airports with the permission of foreigners to cross the border. At the same time, entry into Ukraine is allowed only to foreigners who are not citizens of countries with significant spread of coronovirus and have not been in the territory of these countries for the past two weeks.

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