Resumption of flights: Minister Krikliy said where Ukrainians can fly in the first place



The Minister of Infrastructure recalled that air travel will resume from June 15 and indicated that tourist destinations will first be opened.

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Vladislav Krikli spoke about it on the air “Snіdanok z 1 + 1”, writes “MFN”.

The official said that the resumption of flights, both internal and external, is scheduled for June 15. At the same time, Krikli does not reject the option that domestic flights can start a little earlier.

With regard to international flights, first of all, it will be possible to fly to popular tourist countries:

“I’m talking about the resort countries that many want to go to – these are Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia, Croatia, Montenegro. I can also say with confidence that in the near future you should not wait for planes to Spain and Italy. “

The minister added that Ukraine selects the countries where it is possible to fly, according to two criteria: if there is an outdoor service in another country and if there are no serious problems with the spread coronavirus:

“We will not authorize flights to countries where the risk situation is. Now we are also thinking about how to subject tourists directly to the airport to an express test for the coronavirus, because it is much more practical than a 14-day quarantine. The test was successful and after 2-3 hours, you already know your condition. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that air service will resume in June.



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