Reznikov revealed how much the Kremlin spends in salaries for the L / DPR: a huge amount has been named



We learned how much the authorities of the Russian Federation were spending on the salaries of L / DPR officials. It turned out that the Kremlin allocated up to $ 1.3 billion a year to the wages of low-income people in the occupied Donbas.

Alexey Reznikov
Alexey Reznikov. Photo –

This opinion was expressed by the Minister for the reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov, reports “MFN” with reference to “Donetsk News“.

“All of the 62 to 63% of the budget of the two pseudo-states“ DPR ”and“ LPR ”is financed by Russia. Thanks to their own taxes and fees, they collect 37 to 38% annually. Each year this figure decreases. Previously, they had about 40% of their income, “said Reznikov.

After that, the minister said that Vladimir Putin had focused his attention on the poor of the people of Donbas. Based on his findings, he said the Kremlin had allocated $ 1.3 trillion just to pay salaries. In this context, it is possible that the Kremlin will spend even more on other structures, in particular the army.

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