“Right sector” announced a general mobilization: the combatants put on alert (Video)



In the context of the latest threats from the Russian occupation forces and the worsening of the situation in Donbass, the “right sector” announced the general mobilization and the putting into full combat of its units.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

The right sector announced a general mobilization.
The “right sector”, declaring a general mobilization, is preparing a “response” to the invaders. Photo:

This is due to the worsening situation on the front line and to the statements of the leaders of the sub-republics about the complete readiness of the so-called L / DPR armies.

“The 1st separate assault company of the PS DUK announces the mobilization”, – Right sector informed in a press release.

According to journalist Yuri Butusov, this unit is the most motivated and powerful of the other volunteer units.

Butusov stressed that he was proud of the friendship with his fighters and drew attention to the need for volunteer support for the soldiers, without which it would be very difficult to serve the homeland selflessly.

The message of the “good sector”.

Exacerbation of the situation in the Donbass previously reported.



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