Riot in Boryspil: Ukrainians evacuated from Vietnam “in thanks” organized a fight (Video)



An emergency occurred at Boryspil International Airport. Ukrainians evacuated from Vietnam fought to demand that they not be sent for observation.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Riot in Boryspil.
The evacuated Ukrainians, refusing to observe, tried to escape from the airport by force. Photo:

Shocking images the video published in the journalist Telegram Vitaly Verb.

“Wild video. A flight with Ukrainians evacuated from Vietnam flew to Boryspil. They refuse to observe and try to escape from the airport by force ”– wrote the Word.

The published images show how people try to open the airport doors from the inside on their own. At the same time, other Ukrainians are shooting everything outside on the phone, horrified by the behavior of their compatriots.

After the doors fell, people rushed into the street in droves. Among them were children and even infants carried by women.

At the same time, as reported in the Coronavirus Online Telegram channel, the flight from Vietnam to Ukrainian citizens was completely free. It was organized by a Vietnamese businessman to evacuate his fellow citizens from Ukraine, and our embassy has agreed to evacuate Ukrainian citizens.

“The condition of the flight was consent to a two-week observation in one of the hotels in the Kiev region and a contribution of € 200 per person to guarantee it. Initially, the evacuated citizens agreed, but on arrival, something went wrong. “, – reported in the Telegram channel.

In comments, users expressed outrage at the behavior of Ukrainians arriving from Vietnam and even supported the actions of the police in India, who used batons in a similar situation.

Earlier, it was reported that only severe patients will be hospitalized.

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