Rochen launches an online store: how much will delivery cost


All Rochen brand products can be purchased at Rochen online stores.

Rochen launches an online store with products: how much will delivery cost

Roche, the largest domestic manufacturer of confectionery products, has launched an online store and courier delivery of products throughout Ukraine. According to information from the company’s website, Rocheen has three delivery options – pickup from the store, via courier in the city, and via the Nova Post service. Delivery via the Glovo service is also possible from 10 shops in Kiev.

Courier delivery will cost 59 UAH. So far, the new feature is operating in test mode. The minimum amount for which you need to collect goods to use the service is 300 UAH.

In online stores you can buy the same brand confectionery that is sold in physical stores: sweets, cakes, pastries, chocolate, muffins, marshmallows, jam, dressage and more. There is also a section of promotional products where goods are sold at a discount.

In addition, sales of the network’s offline stores declined significantly. “With the introduction of quarantine measures and the global economic crisis, we are seeing a decline in purchasing power and, consequently, demand for confectionery products. Today we already have a shortfall of 10%, ”said Nigam.

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Recall that Rozetka, along with ATB and New Post, is launching a food delivery home. The first new format was tested by the Dnepropetrovsk region, and now the service has been rolled out across the country.

How the process is conducted: ATB prepares the package and sells all products at the lowest possible price. ROZETKA provides their website for their placements and places all orders for free, as ATB has a retail network, but not online. New mail saves home buyers orders on cost.

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