Run, because tomorrow they will come for you – said Parasyuk who helped Yanukovych to escape from Ukraine



Dignity Revolution activist and former deputy Vladimir Parasyuk said who advised Yanukovych to abandon everything and flee the country.

Vladimir Parasyuk
Vladimir Parasyuk. Stock Photo –

About this Parasyuk told in interview Dmitry Gordon, writes “MFN”.

Thus, according to the former deputy, Yanukovych helped the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh to decide to escape:

“I discovered this three years after the Maidan … The counterintelligence employee told me this story, with whom I was at ATO. He said that in February 2014, they came to Yanukovych and said to him, “Why do you need these paintings? They will be here in the morning. With weapons … And it’s not a joke. “Flee from here, or tomorrow the guests will come for you.”

Parasyuk added that while Yanukovych’s personal protection remained with the ex-president, but at the State Guard, police and the SBU said they would not protect Yanukovych:

“They told him they wouldn’t protect him. If he wants, let Mezhgorye sit in his place and defend himself … And then Yanukovych has escaped. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Yanukovich is ready to help Zelensky to “unite the country”.



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