Russia announced a “crusade” – Klimkin explained how Putin wanted to solve the problems in the country



The Russian Federation has an unusual approach to solving its own foreign and domestic policy problems. So, for example, to solve the problem of sanctions, it organized a sort of “crusade”, engaging lobbyists, consultants and journalists who played in the hands of the Kremlin.

Pavel Klimkin
Pavel Klimkin. Photo –

This opinion was expressed by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin, reports “MFN” with reference to “Gordon“.

“Russia has declared a crusade against sanctions. She decided to hire consultants, lobbyists, as well as the writing of journalists. Vladimir Putin is facing increasingly complex challenges. We have to work hard to defeat them. He succeeded in obtaining this relaxation of sanctions. However, he is unlikely to see more victories, “said Klimkin.

After that, the former foreign minister announced that the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation on account of the Crimea peninsula were fully operational. He spoke of the clear position of the United States regarding the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

“I speak with many people from the Senate. They have a clear position. There are no changes to the sanctions in Crimea. They believe that there can be no change until Putin returns the occupied territories to Ukraine, ”he said at the end.

Remember, Zelensky has promised to organize “adventures” for Poroshenko – lawyers have revealed new data on RRG investigations.



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