Russia beats us at the front – Saakashvili made alarming statement



Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who currently heads the executive committee of the National Reform Council in Ukraine, said that “Russia is beating Ukraine on the front lines”. The famous politician had the reform front in mind.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Title”.

The head of the National Reform Council’s Executive Committee, Mikheil Saakashvili, said he said “many will not like it”. He noted that the aggressor country is much better than Ukraine in solving some of its internal problems. But despite this, the Ukrainian-Georgian politician noted that Ukraine has more potential than in the Russian Federation.

“The (in Russia ed.) the bureaucracy is in decline, the tax system is improving, and Russia is beating us on the front where it can in no case win, because Ukraine is a democracy, because there is a society in love with freedom in Ukraine, because Ukraine has much greater potential, “said Saakashvili.

At the same time, a well-known politician has found an enemy who prevents the implementation of effective reforms in Ukraine. According to him, it is a bureaucracy. Saakashvili believes that he is a serious enemy who stands in the way of the introduction of progressive reforms in the country.

According to the official, he currently does not like the situation that has developed in Ukraine on the reform front.

Saakashvili said that at one point the Georgian authorities had carried out more effective reform in the country than the leaders of the Russian Federation in their country. He noted that during the Russo-Georgian War, Georgia could not defeat the aggressor country on the military front, but on the reform front, it was far ahead of its enemy, which was even recognized by senior Russian officials. According to him, the leaders of the Russian Federation have even copied elements of the Georgia reforms.

It should be noted that Mikhail Saakashvili returned to Ukrainian politics in May this year. The former President of Georgia chaired the Executive Committee for Reforms of Ukraine. Before that, the parliamentary mono-majority examined the candidacy of a well-known Ukrainian-Georgian politician for the post of Deputy Prime Minister in charge of reform.

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