Russia could not resist a double blow: Putin recognized the situation as catastrophic



Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with government officials on Wednesday to discuss the plight of the Russian Federation in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic and falling oil prices.

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Vladimir Putin recognized the situation as catastrophic.
Putin has declared a catastrophic situation in Russia. Photo:

The head of the Kremlin expressed problems that have severely paralyzed Russia. According to the president, the coronavirus pandemic and an unprecedented drop in oil prices have led to disaster.

“The situation is not simple. We have a double hit. The fall is very important, serious, deep “, – admitted Vladimir Putin.

The fact is that on the eve of the price of Russian oil, the Urals fell again and amounted to 10.54 dollars per barrel, returning to 1999 prices.

Putin stressed that oil is Russia’s main export and that it must now be sold at a price below the huge losses.

It is interesting to note that Russia itself caused such a drop in prices, abandoning the agreement with OPEC + to reduce oil production. This was followed by a conflict with Saudi Arabia, which began to gradually displace Russian exporters from the European market.

It turns out that the Kremlin miscalculated and did not predict the consequences of the failure, and now they are forced to reap the bitter fruits.

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