Russia has little Crimea and Donbas: Zhirinovsky announced new occupations



Russian politician and LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has called for the new Ukrainian territories that the Russian Federation intends to occupy.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Stock Photo –

It is reported Politeka, reports “MFN”.

Zhirinovsky said that Trump at a private meeting called Crimea Russian. It should be noted that in addition to Zhirinovsky, few people are aware of such a Trump statement. According to Zhirinovsky, Trump has come to the conclusion that Crimea is Russian because many people speak Russian there. The Russian politician solemnly declared that language preferences are sufficient for the occupation and said that in several cities of Ukraine there were many Russian speakers. He cited as examples Odessa, the Dnieper and Kiev.

“Trump said in a secret meeting that Crimea is Russian because they speak Russian there. I totally agree with this. It is a sufficient basis for the return of these territories from the Russian Federation. In addition, Russian is also spoken in Kiev, Odessa and the Dnieper, “he said.

As a reminder, as indicated above, in the “Servant of the People”, they remembered the promised landings: we knew what the authorities were waiting for.

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