Russia has taken a new step in the annexation of Ukraine: the realities of Crimea can change radically



The Russian Federation has decided to strengthen its ties with the temporarily occupied Crimea and has announced the launch of new routes between the territory of the peninsula and the Russian Federation.

Annexation of Crimea
The annexation of Crimea. Photo –

Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference on the website of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich has ordered the organization of additional trains to Crimea. This is due to the fact that the Russian authorities are less afraid of the threat of the coronavirus and have declared the tourist season open. The site reports that the flow of Russians to Crimea will increase sharply after such a decision, and the level of ticket sales to Crimea has already increased.

It should be noted that the trains will follow the main transport nodes of Russia with a frequency of at least once every seven days. The authorities of the Russian Federation have expressed their conviction that observance of the precautionary measures will prevent massive losses due to the coronavirus and the abundant movement of citizens.

Such a Kremlin decision demonstrates in a demonstrative way the desire of the aggressor to develop his policy of exploitation of Ukrainian lands. In addition, Crimea is threatened by an increased likelihood of a new coronavirus epidemic.

Recall, as previously noted, that Kiev for the first time agreed to make concessions for the “DPR” – the details of Nikonorova’s statement.



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