Russia is preparing a large-scale provocation in the Donbass: Guy said what would happen soon in Ukraine



Vladimir Putin has devised big plans for a shock line in the Donbas region. He wants to organize provocations before the Minsk TSG meeting. The Kremlin needs it to achieve objectives that benefit the Russian authorities on the international scene.

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This opinion was expressed by the volunteer Miroslav Gai on Facebook, referring to its sources, reports “NPF”.

“Share this important news! There will be provocations at the checkpoints of Gnutove, Mayorsk, Maryinka, Novotroitskoye and Stanitsa Lugansk. Pro-Russian mercenaries will picket at Ukrainian checkpoints. They will demand their opening to cross the border! They will do all of this so that propagandists in Russia have the opportunity to film material that is beneficial to them, “he said at the start.

The axis of such information came to me knowing that I am a doviryat. It is quite possible to lose interest, to fake …

Gepostet von Myroslav hai a m Dienstag, 12. May 2020

He added that the Russian authorities had designed this to force the Ukrainian delegation to make concessions during the negotiations in Minsk. They will try to show Ukraine exclusively on the negative side.

“We know that the Kremlin has already organized such a thing. Now we have to demand that our law enforcement agencies be brilliant, but the same goes for the media, ”he concluded.

Recall that the media revealed the mysterious Zelensky message: the Ukrainians were seriously excited.

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