Russia is waiting for a chance – said Klimkin when the Kremlin can intensify aggression against Ukraine



Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet buried the idea of ​​creating Novorossia in Ukraine. According to the diplomat, the Kremlin authorities are waiting for a favorable moment.

Pavel Klimkin
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Today”.

Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin believes that after the Victory Day parade in Moscow on June 24, it is possible that the Kremlin may start a new round of aggression against Ukraine. In addition, the diplomat believes that the Kremlin could start to “play hard in foreign policy”.

But before that, according to Klimkin, the Kremlin wants to settle its internal affairs. First of all, it is a vote for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which Moscow decided to hold on July 1, and, of course, the victory parade, which is to take place June 24. After that, according to Klimkin, Ukraine should be wary of the expansion of the Russian Federation.

“When there are no internal solutions, Russia always embarks on an external expansion. And this external expansion will be directed one hundred percent to Ukraine, “said the former foreign minister.

In addition, Klimkin added that it was too early to say that Putin had buried the idea of ​​creating the so-called “Novorossiya” in Ukraine.

“The project” New Russia has gone nowhere, it is just being restructured in the middle, and Russia is waiting for a chance, “said the politician.

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