Russia lifted sanctions against Vadim Novinsky and Andrei Kiselyov



Ukrainian politicians and entrepreneurs were added to the sanctions list of the Russian Federation in December 2018.

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But, according to the decree of the Russian government of April 20, 2020, Vadim Novinsky and Andrei Kiselev are no longer on the sanctions list.

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Radio liberty“.

As you know, at the end of 2018, Russia included hundreds of Ukrainian people and legal entities on the sanctions list. The reason is “the hostile actions of Ukraine”. Note that the list included a large number of overtly pro-Russian politicians, in particular Novinsky, Dobkin and others. The sanctions prohibited these people from traveling to the Russian Federation and withdrawing funds from the country.

And now the Russian Federation has lifted sanctions against Vadim Novinsky and Andrey Kiselev. What do we know about them?

Andrei Kiselev was a member of the 8th convocation of the Opposition Bloc. He is the owner of Ukrtrade Company LTL LLC. He is also associated with Ukr Met LLC (he was a director of the company until 2014).

Andrey Kiselev.
Andrey Kiselev. Photo –

Vadim Novisnky – MP, non-factional, member of the Opposition Bloc. Originally from the Russian Federation, in 2012 he obtained Ukrainian nationality. He owns various companies, especially those associated with the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. An ardent supporter of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine (UOC MP).

Vadim Novinsky
Vadim Novinsky. Photo –

Recall that we wrote earlier that Vadim Novinsky fell ill with a coronavirus.

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