Russia lifts ban on Telegram Messenger


Blocked service in the country was ineffective

Russia lifts ban on Telegram Messenger. Photo:

Roskomnadzor announced the rejection of the need to restrict access to Telegram Messenger. With the readiness of the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov the decision was taken to “counter terrorism and extremism” in the department.

“As agreed with the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor removed the requirements to limit access to Telegram Messenger,” the state agency said in a statement.

Recall that in April 2018 the Taganski District Court of Moscow upheld Roskomnadzor’s lawsuit to restrict access to the Telegram messenger. The agency filed a complaint on April 6, a day after the deadline expired that the agency entrusted Telegram to transmit encryption keys to the Federal Security Service (FSB). The need to transfer these keys is written into the package of laws of Irina Yarovoy and Viktor Ozerov, adopted by the State Duma in 2016.

Pavel Durov previously stated that he would not agree to the terms of the department, protecting freedom of speech and privacy. However, the messenger conducted a trial with ILV. The defense insisted that Russia’s requirements were not technically possible. Cryptographic keys are secret codes used in messenger algorithms to read and encrypt messages. According to the messenger’s representatives, the codes cannot be issued, as they are constantly changing and in different jurisdictions.

Despite the restriction on access to the messenger, it was not possible to completely block Telegram in the territory of the Russian Federation. The blocking of 15.8 million IP addresses on Amazon and Google cloud platforms impacted the work of other companies using these services. Therefore, during Roscomnadzor’s campaign to block Messenger, there were problems connecting to WhatsApp, Viber, Google Cloud, Amazon and other services from time to time. In addition, the blockage led to a sharp increase in sales of VPN services. For example, the American company Torgard VPN, the number of paid subscriptions from the Russian Federation increased by 1000% in just one month.

Later, Roskomnadzor also blocked Internet anonymous and VPN services, which Telegram could use to hide traffic, independent reports.

In June 2020, Durov announced that Russian authorities should remove the lock from Telegram so that Russian users could use Messenger “with great ease”. He said the company had improved its equipment to detect and remove extremist content on the platform, reports The ledge.

Earlier, Telegram reported that in April it reached 400 million active users per month, double the number of users in the past two years.

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