Russia may not complete construction of Nord Stream-2: analyst Krutikhin mentioned several reasons



Russia may not implement the Nord Stream-2 project. This is what Mikhail Krutikhin, analyst and partner at RusEnergy, says. The analyst said there were several good reasons for ruining the Kremlin’s plans.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Critical”.

Analyst Mikhail Krutikhin believes that the Kremlin may not build the Nord Stream-2 pipeline under the Baltic Sea. Krutikhin noted that the construction of the Russian gas pipeline had already taken a year. According to the analyst, the construction of a gas pipeline at the bottom of the Baltic Sea costs the Kremlin more and more each year.

In addition, according to the expert, when the Russian Federation started construction of the pipeline, no one could have expected that in 2020 gas prices will drop to a record low. According to the analyst, the situation is such that the Kremlin may not be profitable to let cheap gas pass through an expensive gas pipeline.

The analyst stressed that the Russian Federation had already invested 10 billion dollars in this project.

Another reason, according to the analyst, is Qatar’s plan to increase gas production. Krutikhin believes that Qatar could oust Russia from the gas market in Europe.

In addition, analyst Krutikhin and the US sanctions against Nord Stream 2 have not ignored. After all, as you know, the United States has declared itself ready to adopt a new set of sanctions against the Russian economic project. According to the analyst, the new American sanctions can play a key role in this affair.

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