Russia no longer needs coal and Donbass metal: human rights defenders spoke of a serious L / DPR problem



The Eastern Human Rights Organization reports that a massive mine closure is beginning in ORDLO.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to Facebook-page of the “Eastern Organization for Human Rights”.

The “authorities” of the so-called “L / DPR” announced the “reorganization” of the coal companies. The media controlled by the occupiers report that in this way the “authorities of the republics” plan to bring the coal industry back into balance. But in fact, after the so-called “reorganization”, the Donbass mines will simply be closed and thousands of miners will be out of work.

Human rights activists from the Eastern Human Rights Organization have discovered why the L / DPR “authorities” suddenly decided to undertake the reorganization of the mines. All the ropes of these events, if not strange, lead to the aggressor country.

“The reason for the closure of the mines is a decrease in the RF government’s quotas for the sale of coal and metallurgical products from ORDLO companies in Russia.”

According to human rights activists, in the so-called “DPR”, the “authorities of the republic”, led by Denis Pushilin, intend to close five mines. “Eastern Human Rights Organization” shared a list of mines that will close in the near future:

  • “Kalinovskaya East” mine;
  • Mine them. Chelyuskintsev;
  • Mine them. I.I. Kalinina;
  • Mine them. S. M. Kirov;
  • “Cold Beam” mine

PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATIONS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ORDER NEAR MINES According to our sources, the occupation administrations of the Russian Federation …

Gepostet von Eastern Human Rights Group a m Montag, May 25, 2020

Recall that in April, the “authorities” of the so-called “LPR” announced their intention to restructure the mines. The “authorities” of the unrecognized republic have made no secret of the fact that part of the mines will be partially cocooned. Following the “LNR”, the “DPR” also discussed the restructuring of coal companies. According to the Makeyevka Pushes resource, the miners in Donbass will face unemployment. For example, in the “DPR”, depending on the resource, at least 7,000 minors will be out of work.

As you know, in 2014, part of the Donbass mines ceased operations due to hostilities.

Earlier, we pointed out that, in the Cabinet of Ministers, we had spoken of the collapse of the L / DPR budgets.



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