Russia ridiculed Ukraine: Ukrainian foreign ministry sent protest note over provocation in Crimea



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine considered the holding of the parade in the temporarily occupied Crimea as provocation and daring mockery. The Ukrainian side has expressed its protest against these actions by the Russian Federation.

Ukraine and Russian Federation
Ukraine and Russian Federation. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” NPF “.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that the Russian parade in Crimea shows the reluctance of the Russian Federation to peacefully resolve the conflict with Ukraine. The Russian authorities are deliberately continuing to escalate tensions in international relations.

“Moscow uses its military equipment for the so-called“ parade ”over the territory, which legitimately belongs to Ukraine. Russia continues to pursue a policy of militarization of the Crimea. This stage of the Russian Federation poses a real threat to the whole of Europe. Particular cynicism is that the Russian occupation administration has used underage children to militarize society, “the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Recall, as previously stated, the process of destruction of Ukraine has been launched – the “HMO” urged the aggressor to push back.



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