Russia threatens Czech Republic: Prague ready to take proactive measures



The Czech government has made an important decision regarding the threat posed by the Russian Federation. They prohibited the Russian Federation from participating in a tender for the completion of the power unit at the Dukovany nuclear power plant. The decision was taken on the basis of a threat assessment by the Russian Federation.

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It is reported by the “MFN”, with reference to the famous edition of Prague Denik n.

Russia has lost another opportunity for economic and political growth. The refusal of international partnership clearly demonstrates the attitude of many countries towards Russia.

The document notes that countries that pose a threat to the Czech Republic are not allowed to cooperate. In addition to Russia, China has also been banned. However, most of the information has not been released by the Czech government. The general situation of relations with the Russian Federation can be judged on the basis of inquiries from the local press.

“The tender for construction work is estimated at $ 5.9-6.4 billion. There are two nuclear power plants in operation in the Czech Republic, and both were built in cooperation with the Russian Federation, but now the situation has changed and the Russian Federation has been denied a partnership, “reports the edition. from Prague.

Recall, as previously stated, the world will change – Putin made an alarming statement about the future of Russia.



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