Russia to consider case of “female circumcision” of nine-year-old girl



Mother tries to sue the doctor and the clinic management

The Legal Initiative project called on the management of the investigation committee for Ingushetia with a request to control the activities of the management and the doctor at the Aybolit clinic in Magas, where a nine-year-old girl was cut in June 2019. According to Meduza, the mother is trying to punish those who, without her knowledge and without her consent, performed the operation on the baby.

Human rights activists helping him insist that not only pediatric gynecologist Izanya Nalgieva, but also the injured girl’s father and mother-in-law, who brought the child to justice, be brought to justice .

As the mother of a girl living in Grozny said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda on June 21, 2019, she and her brother visited her father in Ingushetia, where he lives with a new family. The next day, the son called the woman to announce their return and his sister was bad. In the morning, papa’s wife took her to the clinic, and there she circumcised, according to the newspaper.

The girl’s father was not registered on the birth certificate and the parents’ marriage was not registered with the court office. It is therefore in fact that it was not his legal representatives who brought the child to the operation.

They have it in the family. They also forced me to be circumcised. She was young, stupid, in love. But I never wanted such a girl, “said the mother of the injured girl about the family of her former” husband “.

When the woman went to the Aybolit clinic to understand what had happened, it turned out that the child’s card had not been seized and that no document had been completed and checked before the procedure. On June 25, 2019, the girl’s mother turned to the Ingushetian prosecutor’s office, and soon to the CI in Chechnya.

Soon, a year has passed since the investigation began. This clinic and this doctor are still active, continue to “help” the children. I supposedly wrote to them as a client, asked if they practiced female circumcision. They replied yes, the price is 2000 rubles, – said a public figure Seda Tamaeva to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

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