Russia urgently preparing to capture Kherson region: Boris Babin



In the annexed Crimea, Russia immediately began to clean up the northern Crimea canal.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Russia is preparing an attack on the Kherson region.
Due to the lack of water in Crimea, Russia could go and capture the Kherson region. Photo:

Due to the critical water situation on the peninsula, the option of an attack by the Russian occupation forces on the Kherson region in order to capture the entire canal and access to the Dnieper is not excluded.

This information came from Boris Babin, the former representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

As Babin noted on his Facebook page, such news came to him from Perekop. The information received suggests that the Crimean “authorities” were instructed to prepare the canal for the water intake by June 24. As you know, a military parade should take place in Moscow on this date.

“Something tells me that the parade itself will not take place in accordance with, but maybe something else. While we have the enemy “peace and Yermak”, He wrote.

Given the possible evolution of the situation, Babin called on local patriots to prepare for the harsh development of events.

Babin does not rule out that the acute development of events forces someone “Usual to run”, someone will start hanging tricolors, so that the main work will fall on the shoulders of Ukrainian patriots.

Earlier, it was reported that Gordon had given a clear answer to the Russians regarding the water supply to the Crimea.



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