Russia will not change its policy towards Ukraine – Peskov



A spokesperson for the Russian president noted that in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Russia must lift international sanctions. But in the name of their cancellation, they will not change their policy towards Ukraine.

Peskov and Putin
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This Dmitry Peskov said during a conversation with journalists, writes “MFN” referring to “Today“.

When Peskov was asked if the Kremlin was ready to change its policy in Ukraine, they were happy to lift the sanctions, as former U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine previously stated, he said no:

“What the former ambassadors talked about is not at all realistic … I would say more – this idea is simply absurd. First, Russia cannot get anything from Donbas because we have never been there. The second – Crimea – is part of Russia and there will be neither “if” nor “when”. This question is closed. “

We add that on the eve of the three former American ambassadors to Ukraine – Stephen Pifer, John Herbst and William Taylor – in a commentary on the NPR publication, they declared that in the event of a pandemic, the United States and Europe were ready to lift sanctions from the Russian Federation. But on condition that the Russian Federation stops funding the war in the Donbass, withdraws its troops and returns the Crimea.

Recall that we wrote earlier that American diplomats had offered the Kremlin a lucrative deal in the Donbass.

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