Russian Federation resorts to punitive psychiatry in annexed Crimea: United States issued statement



The United States condemns the use of Russia, the so-called punitive psychiatry in the annexed Crimea compared to those who oppose the annexation of the peninsula.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Crimea. Realities.”

The head of the American mission to the OSCE, James Gilmore, spoke of the inhuman actions of the Russian Federation in the annexed Crimea. According to him, the Russian special services apply a punitive psychiatry to the Crimean Tatars and to the Ukrainians who do not agree with the annexation of the peninsula.

An American diplomat condemned the inhuman actions of the aggressor country:

“We condemn the fact that Russia continues to make extensive use of punitive psychiatry against the Crimeans who oppose the occupation.”

In addition, Gilmore noted that, according to the latest information, currently two Crimeas – Yashar Meudinov and Raim Aivazov are being held in psychiatric hospitals in the annexed Crimea. According to the American representative to the OSCE, their incarceration in psychiatric hospitals has lasted for several weeks.

As you know, punitive psychiatry was applied to those who did not agree with the political system of the Soviet Union.

Earlier, we reported that Peskov commented on reports of Mishustin’s resignation after recovering from the coronavirus.

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