Russian hackers attack American enterprises


Attackers rely on a simple security system on home computers


Computer security company Symantec is reporting new attacks on American businesses by Russian hacker group Evil Corp.

Hackers tried to attack American companies using employees at a remote site. As you know, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the number of people working from home has increased significantly. The attackers relied on the fact that home computers have a simple security system. The virus itself was hidden on regular sites, and was then downloaded to the workers’ computers.

Analysts say that using the new malware-ruined Walklocker, which is “a very new type of targeted malware,” scammers planned to maximize damage to the information and technical infrastructure by encrypting most computers and servers is. After that, he planned to demand a ransom of one million dollars for restoration of access.

Symantec experts claim that at least 31 US organizations, or perhaps too many, were hacked.

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Due to the increasing use of mobile banking applications in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, the FBI alerted users to the importance of being wary of cyber attacks. The report states that the FBI advises to be careful when downloading applications for smartphones and tablets, as some of them may be fraudulent.

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