Russian Orthodox Church to organize online services in Russia and Ukraine, calls people to come to churches – IP



Russian Orthodox Church to organize online services in Russia and Ukraine, calls people to come to churches - IP

The circular of the Russian Orthodox Church to its dioceses on the territory of Russia prescribes to do divine services only with the participation of the clergy, with the obligatory explanation to the parishioners of the declaration of Patriarch Kirill on the need to respect self-isolation and quarantine standards.

At the same time, parishioners from the Russian Orthodox Church of Ukraine are invited to come to Easter services, writes Information Resistance.

For example, the instructions of the Russian clergy and the secular authorities on the introduction of additional sanitary and anti-epidemic measures on the territory of the churches, including during the Easter holidays, are given.

In particular, according to the document, the diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Kemerovo region demands: to suspend public events, to temporarily suspend the citizens of the territories, buildings, structures, structures belonging and / or subordinate to the diocese of Kemerovo of the Russian Orthodox Church, with the exception of persons whose presence is necessary for worship, the operation of buildings and online worship broadcasts.

In other words, the Danilov monastery and the Russian authorities instruct the Russian dioceses to organize Easter services only online, note IP.

At the same time, the structural unity of the Russian Orthodox Church in the person of its leader, Metropolitan Onufry, continues to call to visit the temples of the so-called “UOC MP” for Easter.

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As reported by Ukrinform, the head of the UOC-MP, Metropolitan Onufry, said that the services will take place in the churches at Easter, despite the quarantine.

Earlier, President Vladimir Zelensky called on the leaders of churches of all faiths to organize services without the presence of believers, so as not to create crowds and therefore not to contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church will not perform the traditional consecration of Easter dishes in churches and on temple territories, and visits to cemeteries on funeral days have been postponed until June 6.

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