Russians afraid of flaking threat: Peskov made important statement



The Russians are worried about the situation around the subject of the break-up of the population. After Nikita Mikhalkov’s transfer was banned on this subject, the journalists turned to Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitri Peskov for an explanation of the situation.

Dmitry Peskov
Dmitry Peskov. Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” NPF “.

Peskov said the Kremlin was well informed of the situation. He noted that Vladimir Putin himself knows the subject of the threat of chip encoding personally. Peskov assured that Mikhalkov was Putin’s personal acquaintance and that they communicated well with each other, which meant that there was no pressure on Mikhalkov.

Peskov refused to speak directly about Putin’s attitude towards Russian shavings.

It should be noted that this topic has an impressive background. Bill Gates has created a program that broadly reveals the risks of fleas to the public. This program has become a source of attracting mass attention to the subject. In addition, the censorship of this subject in the Russian Federation is worth mentioning. Recently, a conflict has broken out between Mikhalkov and Vladimir Pozner. Pozner assured that Mikhalkov had never encountered real censorship and that the incident of the ban on the transfer of chips was a trifle, not true censorship.

Let us recall, as indicated previously, the rise in the price of electricity and the resignation of Gerus: a serious conflict of the green association.



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