Russians face impoverishment – economist spoke of fatal trend in Russian Federation



The coronavirus and dramatic changes in oil prices will seriously affect the lives of ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation. Yevgeny Kogan, professor at the Higher School of Economics, made a disappointing forecast.

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It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

Kogan said that in modern realities in Russia, the state is gaining more and more economic influence. This leads to the fact that private initiative is not easy. He predicts that Russians will increasingly turn to online activities to make money. This can lead to the fact that a wave of pirate attacks will be created in the Russian Federation, which can be sent inside the country and beyond its borders.

Few ordinary Russians expect enrichment in the years to come, says the economist. He noted that “the Russians are severely impoverished, alas, it is inevitable. The living conditions of all citizens of the Russian Federation depend on the price of oil. Kogan believes it is extremely important now to help small businesses. However, the authorities may not be prepared for the current crisis.

Let us recall, as indicated above, that “the unions of the DNR” called Pushilin to responsibility: the people need social protection.

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