Russians unhappy with Putin: Russian blogger explains why head of Kremlin suddenly “hid in bunker”



The citizens of the Russian Federation are not satisfied with the actions of President Vladimir Putin in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Putin has decided to transfer responsibility for taking tough measures in the state to the government, and in the meantime, he “hid in a bunker”. Well-known Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov believes that Putin fears for his rating, so he expects the government to make tough decisions due to a pandemic in the country, and will thus escape responsibility in the event of serious economic consequences in the country.

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It is reported by the NPF, citing Twitter on Rustem Adagamov.

Rustem Adagamov, citing elements from the publication Meduza, writes that a rather interesting situation has developed in the Russian Federation. Russian President Vladimir Putin is in no rush to introduce a state of emergency in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. Putin transferred these powers to the government, but Prime Minister Mishustin is in no hurry to assume his responsibilities, not only for the establishment of the state of emergency in the country, but also for the economic consequences which will occur after the adoption of severe measures.

The Medusa publication, in turn, writes that the Russians are extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of the head of state, who has decided to “hide” from his responsibility.

“Putin’s behavior in a situation where a strong manager is really needed is just plain ugly. The national leader who hid in the bunker is a miserable sight, ”writes Adagamov.

We previously reported that Peskov said Putin had to change because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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