Russia’s Ministry of Finance now owns one of the Ukrainian banks


Accused of violating Ukrainian bank law with Russian capital

Russia’s Ministry of Finance now owns one of the Ukrainian banks. Photo:

The change of ownership of Serbank occurred in violation of Ukrainian law. The press service of the National Bank of Ukraine made this announcement on the official website of the regulator.

According to the information, on April 23, 2020, the National Bank of Ukraine learned about the sale by the Central Bank of the Russian Bank of 50% + 1 shares of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the subsidiary bank in Ukraine, Serbank, also replaced its ultimate owner.

According to the NBU press service, the shares were sold in violation of Ukrainian law, as the new ultimate owner:

  1. Not informed NBU of its intention to acquire Sberbank shares for 3 months
  2. NBU did not agree to takeover
  3. Did not present a copy of the agreement to NBU, on the basis of which there was a transfer of ownership of the shares.

It is informed that the National Bank had sent a request to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and Serbank of Russia with a request to provide clarification and relevant documents. NBU reported the legal consequences of breaking the law.

The National Bank will also provide a legal assessment and consider the issue of implementing measures of influence in the manner and conditions established by law.

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Earlier, the National Bank of Ukraine commented on allegations from the Kyiv prosecutor’s office about the possible misuse of employees of Sberbank Ukraine and NBU while entering into import contracts with non-residents. As mentioned, the prosecutor’s office in Kiev opened a criminal case on the fact of misuse of authority by Sberbank employees. As noted by the NBU press service, we are specifically talking about “planned” import and export operations without the receipt of large amounts of foreign exchange earnings, allegedly assisting employees of the National Bank of Ukraine Is done from According to the financial regulator, this information is false and not true.

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