Ryaboshapka creates the analytical center “Institute for Democracy and the Rule of Law”



Ryaboshapka creates the analytical center “Institute for Democracy and the Rule of Law”

05/13/2020 22:12


Former Attorney General Ruslan Ryaboshapka intends to head the analytical center “Institute for Democracy and the Rule of Law” created by him.

Ryaboshapka talked about it in an interview with

“Ukraine lacks analytical organizations dealing with issues related to desoligarchization and the rule of law. This includes judicial reform, criminal justice reform, especially prosecutors, the fight against corruption. I think that next week we will hold the first constituent assembly of the supervisory board, to which we would like to invite respected and known people from around the world, not just Ukrainians. And we will gradually start working, “said the former attorney general .

According to him, the main task of the center will be the preparation of draft strategies and action plans for the authorities.

“The authorities are now adrift and mostly react sporadically and chaotic to various threats. In addition, they are rather incompetent and with a certain delay. Obviously, they lack a good analytical product. I do not not sure how ready this government will be to use it, but, in general, there should be a set of documents on the table that could be used when the window of opportunity appears, “Ryaboshapka noted.

According to him, it is planned to receive funding from citizens and businesses: “There are many people who are ready to support such a platform, including from the private sector”.

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At the same time, the former attorney general noted that his associates, also former members of Zelensky’s team – former DO chief Andrei Bogdan and former Prime Minister Aleksey Goncharuk – had not participated in the creation of an analysis center at this stage.

To a question of clarification on the members of his team, he noted that “they are people with a high authority”.

Ryaboshapka himself will head the Institute for Democracy and the Rule of Law.

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“If you take the structure, there will be a supervisory board, which will be composed of respected, experienced people, already of age, with a history, a biography. But the practical and administrative direction will be behind me,” concluded the ex-attorney general.

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