Ryaboshapka: I do not see anything promising in the cases against Poroshenko



Ryaboshapka: I do not see anything promising in the cases against Poroshenko

Ryaboshapka: I do not see anything promising in the cases against Poroshenko

05/13.2020 22:57


Former attorney general Ruslan Ryaboshapka believes that the criminal proceedings against the fifth Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko have been in vain.

Ryaboshapka said this in an interview with

“The procedure for economic crimes would be more promising, in which serious and convincing evidence would be collected. In these 16 or 17 cases, I see nothing promising,” said the former attorney general.

Responding to the question, what did he mean, calling Poroshenko’s suspicion “legal trash” – poor quality work by the State Security Committee or lack of corpus delicti, Ryaboshapka explained:

“This is a quality of the document, which provides for both. The document was prepared by investigators from the State Security Bureau, sent to the Office of the Attorney General. Prosecutors examined it and said that it was of poor quality that evening. Therefore, they sent him back to the National Bureau of Investigation for review. The document “It has been exhausted. Not only was there really no evidence to confirm the crimes of which the fifth president was suspected. So everything was legally incorrectly framed as well. “

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The former attorney general considers this situation around Petro Poroshenko as the pursuit of Yulia Tymoshenko at the time of Viktor Yanukovych.

“Such a story could repeat itself. The situations are somewhat similar … Perhaps some time has passed to find reasons to bring to justice,” noted Ryaboshapka.

He added: “If there are no reasons, it is impossible to hold to account. If it is, then it can be done. But it is obviously impossible to do like the previous government. I have explained to the President in at least two cases, in particular in the case of the High Council of Justice, that these stories are not promising, and Venediktova said that the Attorney General was blocking the work of the Security Bureau of the state. “

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As reported, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada “Servant of the People” faction, David Arahamia, said that Ryaboshapka’s refusal to sign Poroshenko’s suspicions was the “last drop” for his dismissal.


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