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Editors of Epidemic magazine share experience with ticket refund during epidemic

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Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson said the airline plans to process 90% of ticket return requests for canceled flights due to the coronavirus epidemic by the end of July. It has been reported by the magazine Brussels bar.

According to Ryanair, by the end of June, its employees processed all returns in March and 50% in April. By the end of July, the low-cost wants to close all applications for May and the majority – for June.

Processing an application includes a refund, issuance of a voucher for the purchase of new tickets, or transfer of departure to another date.

Wilson also reported difficulties with ticket refunds issued through agencies, as they use false email addresses and virtual cards. As a result, the airline cannot contact customers.

Ryanair Ticket Returns: Editorial Experience

In late March, several countries in Europe imposed quarantine restrictions, postponing international air traffic. In this regard, almost all flights were canceled except for emergency flights.

Raynier created a newspaper for customers, offered to refund the money to cancel the flight, or buy a ticket for a second flight. The editor of PaySpace magazine received such a letter 5 days before the planned departure – 17 March.

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However, as a result of the large number of requests, some customers may have problems returning tickets. Therefore, the editor of PaySpace magazine tried to access Ryanair Support Service for weeks – once the maximum time for a failed wait for a response from a call center was an hour and a half.

There were also problems with the site. While filling out a form for compensation, the site issued an error stating that the alleged reservation number for the ticket did not exist.

What Ryanair Ticket Refund Processing Looks Like

As a result, three months after the flight was canceled (22 March), the company sent a new letter proposing to exchange the full cost of booking for vouchers to purchase tickets for one of a thousand daily flights. Such a voucher is valid for 12 months. Also, if you do not use it, the company will refund the money.

If you buy a ticket for a low-cost voucher, the airline will also refund the difference to the customer.

In a letter, Rainier suggested other options for customers: opportunity Re-issue a ticket for another date And request a refund. To use the Ryanair Refund Form, simply go to

Recall that the first PaySpace magazine published an article about what to do if your flight was canceled due to a coronovirus epidemic. From this material you will also learn what to do if your flight is delayed or canceled due to other reasons.

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