Saakashvili is a very toxic character, his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister will be Zelensky’s biggest mistake: Kost Bondarenko



Well-known historian and political scientist, director of the Ukrainian Political Foundation Kost Bondarenko, commented on the information that he wished to appoint Mikhail Saakashvili, the former president of Georgia and the former governor of the Odessa region, vice – Prime Minister of the Shmygal government.

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Saakashvili is a toxic character.
Appointing Saakashvili deputy prime minister could be a big mistake. Photo:

According to the political scientist, Mikheil Saakashvili’s plan to return to Ukrainian politics can be assessed without ambiguity.

“The appointment of Mikheil Saakashvili to senior government positions has already passed in its time, Petro Poroshenko, and his sad experience must be taken into account. Saakashvili is a very toxic character who is unlikely to add “assets” to Zelensky. In addition, if the president makes such a personnel decision and appoints Saakashvili as deputy prime minister, this will become one of Zelensky’s biggest mistakes, “– said the expert.

According to Bondarenko, recently Saakashvili rushed actively from one project to another and did not succeed anywhere – in any capacity whatsoever.

“Saakashvili no longer knows how or where to tie up: either he, sitting in Odessa, tries to provoke waves of information, then he sends proposals to the Georgian government to close the criminal cases against him at least temporarily, and while waiting he will start helping Georgia with investments, now he is already targeting the Ukrainian government “, – said the expert.

Bondarenko also recalled the long-standing conflict between Saakashvili and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

“In any case, don’t forget the conflict between Saakashvili and Avakov, which, with the appointment of Saakashvili as deputy prime minister, can worsen and gain ground”, He stated.

Earlier it was reported that a difficult time had come for Putin, the Kremlin acknowledged the existence of a serious problem.

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