Sam Hughen of Alien refuted his homosexuality and asked to leave him alone: ​​”I am upset, crushed and I can no longer remain silent”



Sam Hughen in the TV series “Alien Woman”

39-year-old British actor Sam Hughen, known in the TV series “Alien”, tweeted an explicit message that he had been bullied and bullied on the channel for many years. The actor said he was tired of everyone considering him gay. He said he “does not manipulate fans, supposedly a hidden homosexual”, nor does he disregard the recommendations on the non-proliferation of coronaviruses.

I’m a normal guy and not at all like the characters I play. Maybe some of you know that I am currently in segregation in Hawaii. I came here before the borders closed. None of us knew how it would all turn out, but when the situation got worse, on the advice of everyone I trusted, I decided to stay in a safe place. It was a good decision. I am safe, isolated, I am not putting anyone in danger and I am not a burden on the locals

He wrote.

He said that in the past six years, he had been harassed and harassed, which had affected his morale.

After the last six years of constant bullying, harassment and false stories about me that have been circulating on the net, I am lost. I am upset, crushed and can no longer be silent. It affects my life, my mental state and bothers me every day. My colleagues, friends, family, myself – in fact everything I am connected to – have been insulted and dishonored, have received death threats, have been harassed and leaked personal information, including vile stories and false. I never said that because I believe in humanity and I always hoped that these bullies would leave us alone. I cannot go into details for legal reasons, but they are professionals: teachers, psychologists,

He wrote.

Sam Hughen and Katrina Balf in the Alien Land series

Sam Huan’s orientation has been the subject of public debate on numerous occasions. He must have played homosexuals in the theater and on the screen, but there are heterosexual roles in his filmography.

He was credited with an affair with a colleague from the Outlander series Katrina Balf, but there has been no confirmation of these rumors. He himself always preferred to leave answers to questions about his personal life.

Sam Hughen and Katrina Balf in the Alien Land series

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