Samsung Galaxy Buds Bean with Active Noise Canceling at a Great Price?


Let’s get back to Samsung Galaxy Buds BeanA new generation of genuine wireless headphones signed by a Korean manufacturer is expected in a new bean design. There are already many rumors about this, showing great expectations after the good success of the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds +.

The latter model is convincing in many ways, but has an obvious drawback compared to Apple AirPods Pro: active noise reductionWell, this new feature will be present at Samsung Galaxy Buds Beanat least according to what he writes today SamMobile,

That’s not all: the source in question, in addition to confirming the form factor, refers to the presence of three microphones and two speakers for each headset, which also improves the already excellent sound quality on Galaxy Buds + during phone calls. Samsung Galaxy Buds Bean they also have to do without insulating sleeveThanks to improved ergonomics with a new bean shape.

Also keep an eye on the price: an Asian company may decide to go all-in with a very low price (we are talking about 150 dollars) in relation to the passport and especially to the prices of competitors. Launch may take place in August simultaneously with Galaxy Note 20,


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