Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, here are the July patches (also in Italy)


Updates at Samsung continue frantically: only this morning we told you about the monthly update for the Samsung Galaxy A70 (click here for more details), which, in turn, followed the last days for various Galaxy S20, Galaxy A50 and S10 LiteToday it is also up to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ receive an update with built-in security fixes for Android related to July of this month.

The firmware in question is marked with an abbreviation N97 * FXXS5CTFA (the asterisk depends on the model) and can already be downloaded to SamMobile: this is a link for owners Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is an this on the other hand, this applies to the Plus version, and in both cases we emphasize that these are firmware designed for Italian non-brand (ITV) options. After downloading, the firmware can be installed manually using the tool. One, Who, however, does not have much urgency when installing the July patches (remember that Samsung has not yet issued a regular monthly newsletter with corrections made to his own software setup), he can wait for notification via OTA as usual.

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