Samsung Galaxy Note 20, battery confirmation from 3C certification


We keep talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 20In recent days, rumors have been at the center of rumors regarding mostly batteries. And it is autonomy that receives “semi-official” confirmations, given that the next top of the range received 3C certification, which revealed some interesting hardware details.

Specified Model Number -BN980ABY EB and reminds the “standard” version Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Thus, a “rated” battery with a capacity of 4170 mAh appears, which then turns into an “effective” battery with a capacity of 4300 mAh. This is the value that has already appeared in recent rumors and which, of course, can guarantee a clear qualitative leap in terms of autonomy compared to the stationary Note 10, recall, at 3500 mAh.

It is also worth mentioning that there were also talks about Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ which can reach 4500 mAh. The differences are obvious due to the size of the display: the “base” version should have a 6.42-inch screen and a resolution of 2,345 x 1,084 pixels, and the “older brother” should have 6.87 inches and a resolution of 3,096 x 1444 px. , In both cases, however, we will have to evaluate the effect on the refresh rate of 120 Hz and the bandwidth of the new Exynos 992, which will debut with Samsung Galaxy Note 20.


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