Samsung Galaxy Note 20, big disappointment soon?


A month and a half after the presentation, which is likely to take place during unpacking on August 5, new (and not exciting) rumors will appear. Samsung Galaxy Note 20, We refer to the “standard” version of the future top of the line, which, emphasizing the trend of the past few years, will lead to clear differences compared to the Plus (or Ultra) model.

This is IceUniverse, with tweetto show frustration over what will be specs display of Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The famous speaker actually speaks of rather thick front panels, a flat screen (details that will not cause everyone’s displeasure, given the growing group of “not curved edges”), a resolution that will stop at Full HD + and, above all, about refresh rate at 60 Hz.

The detail, the latter, is clearly anachronistic, given that the display refresh rate of at least 90 Hz begins to appear even in the middle market segment. It raises your nose even more if you think that I 120 Hz on the “top” version Samsung Galaxy Note 20 they are given for sure.

In short, the prospect is to face two very different devices, so much so that the standard model may seem more like a version. ”bickeringThe real top of the range. Perhaps even a significant price difference would not be enough to justify such a choice. We will see.


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