Samsung Galaxy Note 20: in some versions there will be 16 GB of RAM


In recent days, rumors of new ones have increased significantly. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ coming out over the next summer. Seeing me first details on display and if possible new SoC Exynos What we will find among the specifications, it’s time to talk about RAM.

According to the new rumors of this watch, in fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 line will be able to push up to 16 GB of RAM providing excellent multitasking. At the moment, it is unclear which options of the new Note 20 family will have such a huge amount of RAM for a smartphone.

Recall that both the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ may appear on the market with one 4G version and one 5G. It is possible that only 5G versions have 16 GB of RAM, while 4G versions will have to be designed for 8 or 12 GB. Another hypothesis, however, suggests that only Note 20+ can count on 16 GB of RAM.

More detailed information on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 family will certainly arrive in the coming days. Since the beginning of May, in fact, rumors about the future top of the Samsung line have multiplied, which indicates that the project has already reached the final stage of its development. Follow us to find out more.


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