Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, new rumors on display


This is a foretaste of the “ordinary” Iceuniverse to boost the morale of Samsung fans: after uninteresting rumors about the “standard” Galaxy Note 20 (click here to find out more), the famous speaker talks about the most anticipated version of the future top of the line. We clearly mean Samsung Galaxy Note 20 UltraWhat will be the successor to the Galaxy Note 10+ in every way.

The source in question confirms the first detail of absolute importance: su Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra it will be installed Snapdragon 865+SoC is still unofficial Qualcomm and will be the update of the current generation, presented on the vast majority of Android flagships.

Other rumors relate to the display: only the screen can be a big “disappointment” on the standard model, but in the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra We will travel to a wide variety of quality standards. IceUniverse talks about the screen Super AMOLED LTPOwith a resolution of Quad HD +. Resolution, which, unlike what happens on the Galaxy S20, can be supported even if the display reaches one 120 Hz refresh rate, In this regard, it is confirmed that this time the refresh rate will be variable.

Other references relate to “discounted” improvements in the photographic sector, as well as new features related to S-Pen. Appointment in early August for a traditional summer without packaging.


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