Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with curved borderless display?


IceUniverse provides interesting predictions for the future again Samsung Galaxy Note 20, A famous speaker in recent weeks has shown what the photographic sector of the Plus version should be like (click here to find out more), and today it focuses on the aesthetic aspect of the “base” model.

With a good tweet, this source confirmed that it was already possible to guess from some previously leaked renderings: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 It will have a flat display, without any mention of curves at the edges. It is important to emphasize how Iceuniverse refers specifically to the standard model, while the Note 20 Plus and Ultra (if the latter is also running) should support the curved edges, which now characterize most of the top of the modern assortment.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which will come with a significantly improved battery compared to its predecessor (we are talking about 4300 mAh versus 3500 mAh Galaxy Note 10), is expected next August 5. Event unpacked In the summer, the Korean giant should present other surprises: in addition to other models of the Note 20 series, we also need to know Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (which we also talked about yesterday in this article) the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and the 5G version of another folding Asian manufacturer, Galaxy Z Flip.


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