Samsung Galaxy Note 8, April patches released


In recent days, Samsung has already released security fixes for Android from April 2020 on several of its devices. Today it is also up to Samsung Galaxy Note 8the upper part of the range at the end of 2017, which also allows us to expect Google pixels (which, as usual, will receive an update from Monday).

New update on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which should continue to receive monthly updates during the year, and then switch to quarterly updates in 2021, deployed in Germany: the assembly can be identified with a reduction N950FXXSADTC4 and no further changes are reported in the official change log as usual.

New update release on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with April security fixes, this should involve Italian models within a few hours, at the latest by the weekend. Those who do not want to wait any longer can download here firmware, and then install it manually using the Odin tool.

It is worth noting that the Korean giant has long specified that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 he will not receive a major upgrade to Android 10, just like the Galaxy S8, which was launched earlier that year and which, in turn, has already received the aforementioned April patches.

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