Samsung Galaxy Note 9, display issues after March update


The update he brought is under accusation Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Security fixes for Android for the month of March. After installation, many users report serious problems with the screen.

In particular, looking at numerous topics that are also present on the official company support forum, problems arose not only with “techniques”, such as low resolution, visual artifacts, not very bright colors and green or yellow, black lines, but also hardware , since we are also talking about rdisplay overheating,

That is not all: many explain that it is practically useless to choose reset (a solution that solves the problem in just a few minutes), not to mention a simple reboot of the smartphone. Samsung, for its part, did not take “specific” official positions in this regard, inviting users to contact technical assistance points. It is a pity that these days it is really difficult, not to mention that these would not be free interventions, as many Samsung Galaxy Note 9 already out of warranty.

It is worth noting that a new update has been released over the past week. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with April patches and camera improvements. No feedback has been received about this update, so those who encounter display issues are waiting for a fix.


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