Samsung Galaxy Note 9, One UI 2.1 is getting closer


The happy ending seems to be approaching Samsung Galaxy Note 9: “Case” regarding updating to One user interface 2.1, the latest version of the Korean giant’s software customization, can be very close to closing.

Today comes a new key to this: according to the moderator’s posts on the official forum Samsungone will already be available internal beta One UI 2.1 for the top of the range at the end of 2018. Therefore, this is a particularly relevant confirmation, which actually confirms what has already been leaked in recent days: for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (and probably also for me Galaxy S9(although there will be even more time to wait), an “adapted” version of the software will be launched, taking into account some hardware limitations, especially with regard to the photographic sector.

Release, on the other hand One 2.1 user interface on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, which has Exynos 9810 as well as Samsung Galaxy Note 9, showed how the aforementioned “hardware limitations” can be overcome more or less easily.

It is worth noting that One UI 2.1 is present as a standard in the series Galaxy S20 and already appeared at the top of the assortment last year. SamsungAt first, he excluded Note 9 and S9 from the list, like the rest of his averages, even the most recent ones.

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