Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to amaze, April patches are now available!


Samsung Galaxy S8 it’s still in the stage: the top of the range at the beginning of 2017 is actually getting a new update this watch containing Android security patches updated to April. This is something truly exceptional when you consider that we are talking about a device that was released more than three years ago and which awaits the vast majority of Android smartphones, including Google Pixels.

A new update is released in several European countries: among them there is Italy. In our country, notifications of ITV models without a trademark have already been received through OTA, which allows you to download the assembly. G95 * FXXS8DTC6. According to the first reviews, as expected, the official change log does not report any other changes, except for those related to the security package. In the next few hours, the deployment of the update will almost certainly begin Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Recall that Samsung Galaxy S8As the Korean company itself confirms, it won’t get Android 10. In fact, following the tradition of Samsung devices, we should switch to quarterly updates already in 2020, but given the popularity of the smartphone, it is quite possible that it will continue until the end of 2020 updates.

Samsung Galaxy S8 he joins the S10 and Galaxy Note 9, which in recent days have already received updates from April, along with the new One UI 2.1. The top of the range that revolutionized the Galaxy can be bought on Amazon: Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, 64 GB, black [Germania]


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