Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, electrocardiogram is also on the way


Big news Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2– The flagship watch of the Korean giant SmartWatch, which can soon be called finally “finished.” The same company actually announced that it had received a certificate from the Ministry of Food and Drug Security of South Korea, which will also allow ECG function.

In custody, ECG it will no longer be “exclusive” to the Apple Watch: it should be emphasized that the appearance of a new tool will not pay off Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 a medical device, but it will still help users more closely monitor their health.

Samsung really noted that with ECG it will also be possible to determine the presence of atrial fibrillation, a decompensation that more than 33 million people have to deal with. Function ECG therefore, it will enrich the new Samsung Health Monitor application, as well as the timeline: by the end of September, the ECG will arrive in Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

This will not be the only novelty, given that the meter blood pressureAlso in this certificate from the above Korean authority.

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