Samsung is going to release the first smartphone with an OLED display from a third-party company


New Samsung Galaxy M41The smartphone that enriches the Galaxy M lineup, also arriving in Italy with really great devices like the Galaxy M31, will be a very special smartphone, as this will be the first Galaxy smartphone with an OLED display that does not use a home panel.

The new Galaxy M41, in fact, will not use the Samsung Display OLED panel, company controlled by the Korean giant but will establish Chinese CSOT panel, The supplier is also using Xiaomi for Xiaomi Mi 10 and Motorola for the new Edge. The choice of the Chinese manufacturer for OLED panels is related to Samsung’s desire to maximize profits by concentrating OLED panel production on models that can guarantee significant profit, such as, for example, displays for the future iPhone 12 and Galaxy Note 20.

Recall that Samsung is also consideringEntrust an external supplier for OLED displays of some variants of Galaxy S30 coming out next year. As reported last week, at the moment Korean house abandoned OLED BOE panelsAnother Chinese company engaged in the creation of OLED displays for smartphones is due to poor quality.


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