Samsung is preparing to bring the camera under the display on its smartphones, that’s when it appears


One of the following news on the Samsung line of smartphones submitted camera under the display, a solution that will allow you to forever abandon the hole that characterizes the new Galaxy S20, and which was also proposed by the previous top of the range (Note 10 and before this Galaxy S10).

According to the first rumors of this watch, Samsung is working on introducing a front camera for the display of its smartphones. The debut of this new decision is not inevitable. The first Korean smartphone camera under the display should be Samsung Galaxy S30 (or S21?)The new top of the assortment, which will be presented next year.

These rumors confirm what has already appeared in recent weeks. The new Galaxy Note 20, coming out in the summer, will be a direct evolution of the Galaxy S20. and therefore can rely on a very similar design with an aperture for the front camera located in the center of the display, and some other design changes.

Further news about the adoption of a front-facing camera under the display on future Samsung smartphones will certainly appear in the coming weeks when we begin to talk more clearly about the top of the Korean range next year.


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