Samsung launches Samsung Money Card: Cashback and Super Security


You can order Samsung Money Card through application on Samsung smartphone

Samsung launches Samsung Money Debit Card: Cashback and Super Security

Samsung introduced a plastic debit card Samsung Money with cashback and contactless payment support. The card was launched in partnership with technology company SoFi, which is developing financial accounting software.

Samsung card has no number, release date, CVV code and owner signature. A key part of the Samsung Money program is the integration of the Samsung Pay application: Customers can easily apply for the card directly from the application and start using it on their phones before the physical card appears.

In addition, using the Samsung Pay application, you can check balances, view purchases, freeze cards, and mark fraudulent activities. Thus, if the owner loses the card or is stolen, no one can withdraw money from it. A similar approach to security and financial transactions is offered by an Apple card.

You can order Samsung Money Card through the application on a Samsung smartphone. Deliver it by post. Purchases made using the Samsung Money Card earn points for the Samsung Rewards Program, which can be used by Samsung for future purchases.

Thanks to the SoFi partnership, Samsung Money customers will be able to use any 55,000 ATMs in the Allpoint ATM network for free. Unfortunately, the company does not indicate whether it intends to issue Samsung Money bank cards in other countries. Apparently, so far it is only about the United States. There it will be available for the summer.

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Recall, Samsung Pay users were able to make international transfers. US customers of the payment system can transfer funds from across the border to 47 countries. The company plans to launch a new feature in other countries this year.

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